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Hi! My name is Bhavya Jain and I am pursuing MSc in Cloud Computing and Services within ICT Innovation Program with my first year at Delft. It is an EIT Digital Program with Minor in Entrepreneurship, and for my second year I will be headed to TU Berlin.


I am from India and have pursued Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering, specializing in Cloud and Virtualization from UPES, India (academic collaboration with IBM). This was first of its kind course throughout world, specially the partnership with IBM. I have worked in couple of companies with experience from Systems Engineer to Business and Decision Analyst.


Big time Elon Musk fan (who isn’t) and I like to read Entrepreneurship related stuff. Hope I will be able to share my journey with you.


Browse through the posts and please comment your views. In case you have some question, comment it and I will get back with a solution soon!

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